You'll love this easy to use, easy to setup document scanner!

Get rid of document clutter in 2016

This isn't your parents' flatbed scanner!

The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX 500 is simply the best document scanner made today. If getting rid of the extra papers, documents, and receipts lying around is a priority to you, this is the one to get! The idea of the paperless office has been around for a long time now. Today, it's a reality.

Easy to setup
This document scanner is designed to be easy to use right out of the box. You'll be scanning and storing your documents on your computer in under 10 minutes!

Easy to use
Check out the reviews! The 3 most uttered words by hundreds of people is, "easy to use." It's so quick you'll sit there watching it in amazement. Don't blink or your scanner will be begging for more paper! Later, recalling the document you need from your computer is just as easy!

ScanSnap iX500 document scanner open with paper

ScanSnap iX500 Next Generation Document Scanning

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Built for Scanning Documents

This isn't your parents flatbed scanner. If you've ever used a flatbed scanner to scan important documents then you know how slow it can be. This is nothing like that.

Faster than you think possible
You don't need to spend hours scanning in one page at a time. Take a stack of your papers, put them into the document feeder at the top, and hit scan! The stacks of papers lying around you home or office will quickly vanish but they're not lost, you're simply using your computer for what it's meant to do!

Features that you really care about
This scanner is a duplex scanner so both sides of the paper will be scanned at the same time. If there isn't anything on the back, then it skips the blank page. This scanner will scan at 25 pages per minute, both sides, and in color! Believe me, you'll be looking around after you're finished for something else to scan, it's that great.

Looks great too
Unlike a flatbed scanner, the ScanSnap takes up almost no space on your desk. When you're not using it, it takes up as little space as possible but it's always there when you need it. Fujitsu spent a lot of time making this scanner look just a good sitting there as it performs.


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The included software is amazing!

Better than any other document scanner software
The software which comes with this scanner really sets it apart from every other scanner on the market. It's so user friendly and practical, you'll get your document scanning done in a breeze.

Industry standard PDF format
With ScanSnap, your documents will be scanned into Adobe PDF format, readable on every type of computer and an industry standard--meaning you'll always be able to read them!

Scan to readable text all at once
Your documents can be converted into readable text right when you're scanning. This is great because your computers' search feature can then index your documents so you can recall them later--anytime! Don't buy special software to manage your documents. Use the folders in Windows, Mac, or Linux which is built right in.

Protect sensitive documents
Adobe PDF provides several ways to lockout features or encrypt whole documents. All of these methods can be used with this scanner and the documents it produces.

Sal Cangeloso
"I always thought of document scanners as the sort of thing I was happy to know existed, but I was rather sure I’d never need — let alone grow attached to — one of these wonderful contraptions. Over the past few weeks exactly that happened though."
Sal Cangeloso,

ScanSnap open front of scanner

The ScanSnap iX500 Build Quality & Design

Excellent sheet feeder performance
If you've ever tried a product like this in the distant past you know how bad it was. Trying to prevent jamming was a constant battle. With this scanner, I honestly don't know how they've gotten it so good. Really--I've looked at the mechanism over and over again because it almost never jams.

Cleaning your scanner is easy
If it should jam, the software and the hardware work together to get you back to scanning quickly. Just one press of a button inside where you paper is put allows you to open the entire front of the scanner. Anything that's jammed up will easily come out. Then you can either resume right where you left off or start over again aided by the software...brilliant! Cleaning the rollers from time to time is as simple as opening the front and gently wiping the rollers.

ScanSnap scanning into your phone

Simply the best

PC and Mac
As if scanning wasn't enough, the ScanSnap iX500 has some advanced features for those people who need them. First, you can use this on either a Mac or a PC. You might think that's a given but the folks at Fujitsu have bundled software for both platforms so if you change your computer in the future you can still use this scanner.

Connect using WIFI
Sometimes you need to put the scanner in a place where you can't put your computer. Or you need to take it with you and do things remotely. The ScanSnap iX500 has you covered since it can scan wirelessly--just plug it in and connect.

Scan to mobile
Scanning directly to your mobile device is easy with the Android or iOS applications. Now how many other scanners have mobile applications?

You won't regret it
You can look around and check out other document scanners but for sure you'll come back to this one--just read the reviews! People are so happy with this scanner, everyone recommends it, and I, like everyone else am recommending it to you! This scanner has occupied my desktop for more than 7 years!

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See why users Love their ScanSnap...

Paige P
If you are thinking of going paperless, this is the scanner for you. We have this scanner at work and it is FAST. Because we had this scanner at work, I purchased it for my home. I was so excited when I received it. It was very easy to set up. I was able to set it up on two different computers. The wireless options are incredible. It scans to your phone, or computer. It has so many uses, I can't wait to try them all out. I would recommend this scanner to anyone using it as a business or personal. I have scanned all my receipts and used that software to keep my purchases in one place and then I have also used it to keep my office paperless.
Helen B.
This scanner is incredible. Fast & easy to use, even for someone who is technologically challenged like me. It's small size is great, fits on my desk right next to my computer.
A. King
Best office purchase ever. I thought I could get by scanning stuff with my phone, putting stuff on the copier, but I got HOURS each week back in my life. Got a contract? Hit one button and send it to Evernote, with BOTH SIDES scanned! Got a bill in the mail? Scan it and send it to our Accounts Payable. Boom! Got a stack of checks to deposit? Scan 40 checks in less that 30 seconds and then upload them to Quickbooks. Bam! My daughter colors a cute picture for me? Scan it and save it to Dropbox. Too cute!
J. Griffin
Amazing.... I have been reading reviews and considering this for weeks. I finally got it and my only regret is I did not get months ago. I immediately reduced my paper files by 70% with little effort. I am a big Evernote user and that is the main reason I got it, but it is also helpful to scan to file or email attachment. So easy. FAST. Accurate. Love the two-sided. This is just a great product.

ScanSnap iX500 Unboxing